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SouthPole Radio is an over eight (8) years old domain that always has been associated with music in one way or the other.
The domain itself was registered in 2001 and has been live since then. We now have four (4) spots for rent to an appropriate vendor.

Some statistics:
According to free analytics, the domain itself is worth around $200-500, depending on who you ask.
The site has a Google PageRank of 3 – something we are working on raising in the near future.
We have around 300-500 unique visitors every month.
SouthPole Radio has an Alexa-rating of 6,794,278 (keeps changing – check the graphic below for daily updated figure).

We are currently publishing a lot of articles about our music and about how to put your music on Spotify. We also optimize our website for search engines. All this work means that we are building links, raising our quality traffic and therefor also working to get an even more valuable website.

Currently, SouthPole Radio is a small record label. We hope to change that.
Because of this, advertisment prices are LOW.
Advertisers that want in now will also get lower prices in the future (when we raise the price, early advertisers won’t get as high raise).

For one month (30 days) advertising with a 125×125 pixel image-link on all our pages, we now ask only:
$25 USD per month or $250 for a full year (12 months).

Buy TWO (2) spots for 20% off.

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