UPDATE: Pingo® ItaloMIX on Spotify is updated!

Wow! It’s summer – and it means that we of course updates the Pingo® ItaloMIX Spotify Playlist!

Today we’ve added no less than 13 hot tunes to the list, making it possible for you to throw a nice part in your backyard. Among these tunes are America by Baby’s Gang, two tunes from Laserdance (we’ve really missed them on Spotify!), Colder than Ice by Grant Miller (we will be needing that in this summer heat) and Need Your Passion from Sweet Connection!

The list just grows bigger and better! We now havealmost 100 subscribers on a list that is over 7 hours long! It’s one of the hottest Italo Playlists out there – so be sure to subscribe to be able to get all the new updates. Support SouthPole Radio by visiting our sponsors.

And be back soon to read more Italo Disco interviews, of course!

Part of image from FreeDigitalPhotos.net