Pingo® ItaloMix UPDATED

The popular Pingo® ItaloMix Spotify playlist is UPDATED again, for first time in 2012. Great news, eh? 🙂

Now we have AGAIN included Dragon’s Legend by KOTO (which went missing on Spotify for a long time) and a new version of Ken Laszlo’s Hey Hey Guy with much better quality. You will also find Valerie Dore’s The Night as well as Get Closer!

Other additions are Spacer Woman (Charlie), For your love (Albert One) and Pretty Face (Styloo).

The Pingo® ItaloMix is now over 5 hours and consists of 65 carefully selected tracks. We are NOT adding any crap – we’re carefully adding songs as we see fit, and only the pure hits. Be sure to subscribe to the list and get back to the website often to see updates!

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