Italo Disco Spotify Playlist!

Pingo® ItaloMix on Spotify!Pingo® ItaloMix

Yes, Spotify is actually a difficult place to find good Italo Disco on. I wish I could continue running the SouthPole Radio Italo Disco station – but sadly, I can’t. But, today we created the Pingo® ItaloMix – a great playlist with our own favourite hits. The playlist is three and a half hour long (!) and focus has been on great hits and good music.

Sadly,Spotify doesn’t have any tracks from Diana Est, Hugh Bullen, Savage, Baby’s Gang, Fake and other cool Italo artists, and some (like Scotch) only have a few nice tunes up. Hopefully, that will change in the future. For now, I hope that the Pingo® ItaloMix will be a nice mix for all of you out there who wants to listen to great quality italo disco!

If you like it – or if you want us to update the playlist with some other cool songs you’ve found – please let us know by leaving a comment!