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15 December 2009

I keep updating the site. Now we have ads and links. Yes, I know, not exactly super-cool content – but it helps pay for bandwidth and other fees.

I am working on the next video release as well, so that will be up on YouTube soon – at least before new years, I hope. ­čÖé The old video has approx 40-50 views on YouTube now, which I think is kind of neat, since it hasn’t been advertised or anything, and only been up for 3 weeks.

Pingo® Antarctica, now on Last.fm

8 December 2009

We added the album Antarctica by Pingo® on Last.fm. lastfm_red

This is perfect for you who don’t have Spotify. Sadly, the scrobbler-function does not work properly,since there is another band already registered on Last.fm with the same name.

On Last.fm there is also one of the songs released for FREE download.
We will add our videos to Last.fm too in the near future, as well as on the YouTube channel.

Review: The Peace

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3 December 2009

The Peace’ new album is a strong and tight piece of work. Production is crisp and true to the sound. I especially like the softness of the lyrics, how important this band takes their own songs. I enjoyed most of the tunes, even though I usually don’t listen to this genre.

Strange might be my favourite here, but I’m sure there’s a song for every mood.

High production qualities together with such professional artists always proves to be a great combination.

Listen free to some samples here, and buy it directly online from the Official Site: Hip Folk Inc.

SouthPole Radio is now a Record Label

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30 November 2009
Pingo® Antarctica

Pingo® "Antarctica"

SouthPole Radio is now a Record Label!

We couldn’t go on with free streaming Italo Disco radio anymore. Costs was one thing (thanks to all of you who contributed over the years!), but competition and time was other factors. Today you can listen to almost any Italo Disco through services like Spotify.

We released our first album “Antarctica”, by Pingo┬«, exclusivly on Spotify the 28:th of November 2009.

Listen to it free on Spotify, or watch the first video on YouTube!

SouthPole Radio will release more albums during 2010.
Any questions? Ask!

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