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26 January 2010
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Submit to Clearwater Film Festival

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Mike Rembis has launched the Clearwater Film Festival 2010. Be sure to submit your film to the festival for the early deadline.
The festival takes place in Clearwater, Florida during September 29 to October 3, 2010.
You can submit your film via the website or via Withoutabox.

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6 January 2010
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Buy Pingo® “Antarctica” on!

You can now buy the complete album “Antarctica” by Pingo® on, as downloadable MP3-files. If you don’t have Spotify, this is a great opportunity to listen – free – to the tunes from the “Antarctica” album and then buy the tunes you like. You can also download the FREE …

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5 January 2010
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Next album is coming alive

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Pingo® is working on his next album, and has finished two tunes as well as the cover art. The album will consist of approximatly 12-15 songs and be me more noisy than “Antarctica”. This album will of course also be released on Spotify.
No release date yet.

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22 December 2009
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Pingo® releases fantasy card-game!

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Merry Christmas & Happy New 2010 (I probably won’t have time to update until next year).
Pingo® today released his first fantasy card game through his own Xemytica Card Game System. Check the official site ( for more information, and buy the Starter Kit for Fate of Heroes right away!

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15 December 2009
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I keep updating the site. Now we have ads and links. Yes, I know, not exactly super-cool content – but it helps pay for bandwidth and other fees.
I am working on the next video release as well, so that will be up on YouTube soon – at least before new …

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