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SouthPole Radio started out sometime in 2000, or something like that. Maybe even earlier… First, we used Live365, but then we turned to different stream server softwares, as IceCast and such. Live365 was free when we started, but then we added ad-free listening and started to use up a lot of money. When we turned to our own hosting, and later even got ourselves an own server with 10 stream (whee!), we choose to actually keep going ad-free.

During 2006 we inserted small “Hello world”-sound streams from some well-known Italo Disco artists before their songs. At a time we had good contact with several artists, but because of lack of time, we couldn’t keep it up.

We always played Italo Disco, and at one time we were the largest Italo Disco radio channel on the ‘net. When we got hacked in 2008 (only the site, not the stream) we started to feel distaned from the whole thing, and the site slowly died. We didn’t get as much attention from our listeners as before, the site just cost money and there were simply no motivation anymore.

In 2009 we got a new router, and the server was never connected. SouthPole Radio died as a radio channel during early 2009, after almost ten year on air!

We’re proud to have given you – FREE – access to the worlds most unique and difficult Italo Disco music ever.

From November 2009 we have now turned SouthPole Radio into a Record Label. At first, we’re releasing the albums exclusivly on Spotify, but that might change during 2010. We will focus on electronic weirdness, dub, noise, techno, trance and other such things. We’re not interested in submissions at the moment, but if you have a band that plays Italo Disco, we would enjoy to listen to a few mp3’s. Email us a LINK to our music and we’ll check it out!

Posted by Pingo®   @   30 November 2009


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