Italo Disco playlist updated – AND get YOUR song published!

italodiscoball100514The Pingo® ItaloMix at Spotify is updated! Not many more songs, but at least a few more to make the playlist a bit more interesting. Especially Ryan Paris’ La Dolce Vita was missing. But not anymore! Subscribe to the list to not miss any updates. Support our work by visiting our sponsors!

And now is the time for YOU to get us your Italo Disco tunes! Yes – we’re talking Italo Disco here, not euro-techno, trance our anything like that.
If you have done some Italo Disco tunes that are not published at the moment, then feel free to submit them to us as an MP3.

Email us with your tune (not larger than 10Mb please – if it is larger, then put it up on some secure file-sharing place and send us the download link).

If we like what we hear we will get back to you. SouthPole Radio is preparing a new Italo Disco album for Spotify release. How much will you earn if your song is picked? Well, at the moment Spotify doesn’t pay much, but all earnings will be shared equally among the creators of the work. We will publish the album later this year – hopefully – with approximatly 10-20 tunes or so. We might put it up on other sites too, but for the moment Spotify is what we’re aiming at.

Posted by Pingo®   @   14 May 2010



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