UPDATE: Pingo® ItaloMIX on Spotify is updated!

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16 June 2013

It’s summer!

This means of course that we´re updating the Pingo® ItaloMIX at Spotify! Subscribe to it for updates, and be sure to spread the link! (And if you want to donate, then please do so by PayPal) :-)


“The not like others EP” at Bandcamp

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12 July 2012

Pingo® at Bandcamp

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9 July 2012

Follow Pingo® at Bandcamp: pingo.bandcamp.com – all releases will go there too in the future. But on Spotify, iTunes and Amazon as well of course! Check it out and listen to the tunes from Pingo® for free, directly in your browser!

NEW: Pingo® “Avoided”

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9 July 2012

FREE DOWNLOAD through July! After that it will be up on iTunes, Spotify and Amazon – so click to download NOW to get it for free!
This is a NOISE tune, inspired by the 90′s Japanese noise movement. Not for anyone who likes classic electro – only for hardcore dwellers. :)

NEW: Pingo® Arcade Dance Hits – new Spotify Playlist!

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30 June 2012

Lets launch another cool Spotify Playlist – the Pingo® Arcade Dance Hits!

Here we focus on great ARCADE GAMES, like Out Run, Mortal Kombat, Arkanoid, Spy Hunter and Ghosts ‘n Goblins.

YES – there are some things here that are just plain good, and are not arcade game per se (like the Monkey Island track that snuck in), but lets face it – it’s pretty damn hard to get hold of arcade game music on Spotify!!

The list has a focus on dance hits, so don’t be surprised if you can turn on this list after our Italo Disco list when your party really starts! Go listen now!!

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