Hawkins & His Hawaii Trio

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17 January 2015

We usually do not publish this type of music – but this is so good, and so cool, that we HAVE to!

Hawkins & His Hawaii Trio is a Swedish band playing 40s swing and Hawaii music. They´re not only cool and fun to listen to – they´re extremely talented. Finally they have an album out – and it´s even available on green vinyl! Can it be better than that?

Check the official site for order information.

USSR, by Linda Jo Rizzo

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14 June 2014

Linda Jo Rizzo releases a cool cover of “USSR”:

Buy the single at iTunes or at Amazon.

UPDATE: Pingo® ItaloMIX on Spotify is updated!

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17 May 2014

Finally a new update of the popular Pingo® ItaloMIX-playlist on Spotify!
Listen to it right now!

Some “new” stuff, much more Scotch and a few songs are removed. The total length of the playlist is a bit over 8 hours now, so your summer parties are saved! :)


Feel free to donate to us!

UPDATE: Pingo® ItaloMIX on Spotify is updated!

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16 June 2013

It’s summer!

This means of course that we´re updating the Pingo® ItaloMIX at Spotify! Subscribe to it for updates, and be sure to spread the link! (And if you want to donate, then please do so by PayPal) :-)


“The not like others EP” at Bandcamp

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12 July 2012

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